Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy Cow!

Ten more weeks til the conference, and HOW many books do I have left to read?

On a better note, I finished The Ancient One this morning - wow, does Barron know how to create action and excitement with a cast of amazingly creative characters!  My description in the previous post doesn't even begin to do it justice.  He has woven an incredible plot and brought his characters to life in ways that make the reader expect (and want) to see them in our everyday surroundings.  Kandeldandel and Arc would be great friends to have along, no matter what your personal adventure holds, and to hear Fanona sing would be an otherworldly treat, I'm sure. And even though the Tinnani are a creation of Barron's vivid writer's imagination, I refuse to believe that they don't actually exist somewhere.  Now I'm even more excited about reading the third book in this particular series, The Merlin Effect.

Today I'm going to contact one of the local libraries to see how many of the children's books I can get together all in one place for a day of reading.  Hopefully I can knock a couple of dozen books off my reading list all at once.  Thank heavens for picture books!

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