Friday, June 18, 2010

Managing a Blog (and a self!)

Okay, I have been really bad about keeping up this blog, and I apologize. But I've learned something valuable over the last two months, since I've been absent from posting. I'm sure you are aware that there are often unintended consequences with whatever it is you undertake, and that's what's happened here. First of all, my two purposes for this blog were as follows: let people know more about the speakers coming to the 2011 IRC conference, and let potential other vice-presidents know about the process of planning the conference so that they can decide whether or not it's something they want to undertake. So here's the third thing that has happened that I did not expect: I have learned just how much pressure it can be on a person to maintain a blog.

Now I know some people think it's no big deal; you just hop on your computer and 'talk' away. And it's certainly not that I have a problem with writing - I could write all day, if need be. It's just that this blog is supposed to be serving more of a purpose than just to be an outlet for my chatting. I feel that what I post here should have some substance and serve one of the two initial purposes I set for the blog, and to tell the truth, I have not had time lately to pull together the kind of information that should be posted. I am a Department Chair at a University, so I work during the summer, and I also try to have a garden (a HUGE one), and this spring and summer have more landscaping areas to put in around our home, and my stepdaughter is getting married in a few weeks. Add all the storms to that this summer (which means I have to unplug my computer, hence no internet) and guess what else? Jury duty next week!

So I have felt guilty about not posting more on the blog, and today I feel guilty for not having good information for whoever happens to be following, but I figured that anything would be better than nothing. THIS IS NOT AN ABANDONED BLOG! That's the most important thing I can post today.

When I met him at IRA, Frank Serafini said I should send him the link to this blog and he would tweet it (or whatever you do with twitter), but at the moment I'm too embarrassed to do so. (More pressure.) I'll do that after I actually get something of substance posted.

And those storms? I hear thunder now, even as I'm typing. Gotta unplug the computer. So long for today .....