Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preliminary Programs are Here!

Wow, am I a slacker!  almost a month since my last post!  And since then I've finished Anderson's Game of Sunken Places AND an entire series by Carman (the Atherton series).  I will write more about the authors and books later (hopefully this weekend), but for now I just wanted to give you a run-down on the schedule that happens in the fall in terms of conference preparation.

September 1st:  Folks who want to present at the conference must have their presentation proposals submitted by this date.  We had over 300 this year!

September 25-ish (around the third weekend of the month) - the IRC Board of Directors meeting happens, and that is when the President-elect and select others go through the proposals and decide which ones should be accepted, which ones can be accepted with some changes, and which ones belong with which strands.  Once this is done, the Executive Director can put the abstracts into a draft of the Preliminary Program book.

Mid-October:  the Executive Director and President-elect must finish up reviewing drafts of the Preliminary Program book so that it can go to the printer.

About a week later:  The Preliminary Programs arrive from the printer and can begin to be distributed to those who contact the office and request them.

mid-November-ish:  Preliminary Programs are distributed at the Board of Directors' meeting in Bloomington.  (Getting them ready for this time is why it's so crucial to get them proofed and sent to the printer quickly.)

I will receive a box of them in the mail shortly, probably tomorrow, and I can't wait to see them!  We're really on our way now, folks!

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